Day 25

Todays post is not about quality as you will soon notice!  I was working ona new kit early this morning and the dog wanted to be close to me again.  Check out this shot I took on the webcam..

snuggle puppy


Day 24

My son is such a character.  Here he is cheesin’ with his pants hiked up and wearing his sisters shoes.  Some day he’ll try and delete this one….


Oh by the way…I’m sure you realize this but his socks did not look like that when I put them on him that morning.  There was an unforunate chocolate milk incident right before this shot was taken *L*

Day 23

You can’t imagine the amount of times I have wished I was even half as photogenic as my daughter :sigh:

pretty girl

Wow…I really dropped the ball this time huh?  I’ve been working and actually scrapping a lot this week and it made me a blog slacker, sorry.  But I’m here and that’s what counts right?  RIGHT? 😀

So lets see…

Day 18


As I was working the other night my son was playing around under the comforter on my bed.  He was under there for quite some time just singing to himself contentedly.  But soon I had to wonder how he was entertaining himself…and here is what I found.  Sneaky kid had a whole box of gum under there and was having a grand time.

Day 19


Day 20 is when my little buddy Target was chillin’ with me.  Isn’t he just the most handsome cat you have ever seen?  Yes, he is…don’t deny it 😀  (I’m sassy today huh?  *L*)  He has these gorgeous gold eyes!

Day 20


For Christmas I asked for a pink laptop …… do you see something wrong with this picture?  Yup, that’s a blue laptop with a pink mouse. . . .

See next photo for the really ironic part of this….

Day 21


See this Blue Ipod?  I asked for this one for Xmas…however, I recieved a …. yup, you guessed it….a pink one!  *LOL*  Hubby got confused and I got a blue laptop and a pink Ipod instead of the other way around.  Am I complaining?  Not really…I consider myself lucky to have gotten them.  In fact..this blue one came from my parents so I really got TWO of them *L*  I returned the pink one and got some stuff for the family.

OK…finally caught up…

Day 22


Since I was just talking to some friends about my heart shaped engagement ring I figured I would make it todays picture 😀

Day 16 & 17

OK…ok…I’m late.  But I have an excuse which you will see in just a minute.  I have tons of work to do, and I consider that a good thing in this economy.

So yesterdays picture that I forgot to post was of the special items I was using last night to keep me going long enough to accomplish something. Too bad I failed to realize at first that the soda was decaf … hence the lack of post 😀

caffeinate ... or not to caffeinate?

And today I give you a little look at how all those papers you saw the other day now look….

my new world

And yes, I have even added a printer to the bed now *LMAO*  It’s the only place I can tuck myself away from the kids.  And DH isn’t home on weekends so why not?

Day 15

Nope…not the “before” shot.  I was running errands this morning and as I parked the car I turned around to see my son doing an impression of the dog.  All I can say is that I was so glad to have a camera phone!


Day 14 already?

I have decided it’s time to stop griping about my weight and do something about it.  A few years back I lost 50 lbs and thanks to having another baby and just getting generally lazy I have put almost 40 of that back on in the past 3 years.  So my picture today is of my new best friend/worst enemy (not sure yet…depends how this goes *L*).  Perhaps tomorrow’s photo will be my “before”.  Depends on how I’m feeling 😀

gotta get healthy!